Ramblings and musings on music, football, clothes, and culture. Anyone who’d like more of the same can follow me on twitter @CFCCallum


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  1. quality blog fella, reignited great memories of denis wises goal at the san siro. Couldn’t believe we were even in the chmapions league let alone playing milan, getting a result and finishing top of our group. The fact that I couldn’t see the first half due to the smoke was irrelevant and the comedy of the chelsea end was evident as we sung ‘we’ve only got one flare’. The trip was completed when the prada store by the duomo was packed with chels getting gifts for the mrs to justify the trip the next day. Brilliant

  2. WMSC

    “Pop at its best inspires an interest in surrounding culture and art forms, Up The Bracket did this, it opened my eyes to the world around me, I read novel’s I’d have otherwise never heard of, watched repeats of Steptoe & Son and Hancock’s Half Hour on UK Gold, dug out my dad’s old Kinks, Clash and Smiths records; for a 15 year old it was revolutionary.”

    Brilliant this.

  3. louis walsh

    Some decent stuff on here, keep it up

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