Home Sweet Home

It seems apt that the release of the new single by The Rhythm Method, ‘Home Sweet Home’, coincided with the decision by Islington council to revoke Fabric’s license.

As the news came in the club was to permanently close the song was almost simultaneously receiving its first play on Radio One.

With it’s repeated lament: ‘with every closing bar there’s hollows in my heart’ it seems the perfect soundtrack to a generation’s unease in the city they grew up in teetering on transforming into something completely unrecognisable.

A soundtrack to a city where developers who know the price of everything and the value of nothing hover seeking to iron out all the rough edges into something sterile and safe, and leave us with a 24 hour tube and nowhere to go.

Everyone’s read articles pontificating on what is to become of our capital city, and the broadsheets will no doubt be full of Fabric think pieces again this weekend and I’ve no need or desire to add to that.

However, whilst the NME is full of Fake Tales of San Francisco once more,  I find myself questioning the relevance of an ‘indie scene’ that says nothing to me about my life so it’s refreshing for a song to actually resonate and a band saying something worth listening to.

By Callum West





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