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The hat has long been common place in music; certain styles have been synonymous with stars, such as Sinatra’s trademark Trilby, whilst different musical tribes have identified themselves through their choice of headwear like two tone fans and pork pie hats.

However, there is also a dark side, a scene awash with sartorial sins. Whether it be Dappy and his Peruvian winter hat, Slash and his top hat or The Edge and his silly little woollen hat, there are many in pop whose unfathomable cuntishness is somehow enhanced by what they wear upon their head.

Those who you gaze at in awe, finding it inconceivable that they can believe they look smart, wondering if they live in a world without mirrors.

Luckily, at the opposite end of the spectrum there are those whose look is enhanced by their headgear, those who pull of their hats with a dash of panache or a certain swagger or those who can pull it off because they’re a pop star and they can do what the fuck they like.

This is a look at ten of the best from the latter, music stars those who avoid the pitfalls that befall so many and manage to look the bollocks in their hat of choice.

Jimmy Cliff

LL Cool J

Pete Doherty

Slick Rick

Frank Sinatra

Marvin Gaye

Kevin Rowland

Paul Simonon

Bob Dylan



By Callum West










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