Lana Del Rey

Every once in a while our colonial cousins from across the Atlantic produce a female singer deeply steeped in Americana who conjures up images of camp fires in the Californian desert with their vocals tinged simultaneously in sunshine and melancholy, the likes of Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval could only come from America.

Whilst much of the talks that has surrounded 24 year old Lizzy Grant, aka Lana Del Rey,  has been whether her lips are more Leslie Ash than Angelina Jolie, with the release of ‘Video Games’ it indicates that she has it in her to inherit this mantle.

Del Rey equally wears her sixties influences on her sleeve, her smoky vocals seemingly inspired by those who sung at the equally smoky, glamorous jazz bars in that decade. The New York native’s single, backed by the equally sublime ‘Blue Jeans’, channels the spirit of Nancy Sinatra as much as the sunshine melancholia of the aforementioned Mazzy Star, with an added large dose of pouty Hollywood glamour.

Whenever an attractive young lady becomes successful there is bound to be sniping comments, it’s unfortunate reflection on our society, however what the talk about her lips and her looks cannot mask is that voice, the music not be entirely original, but there is an Amy Winehouse shaped gap in the world of retro 60’s pop and Lana Del Rey with her mournful Americana tinged vocals has the potential to fulfil it has the potential to fill it.

By Callum West


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