Football Graffiti

From daubing the name of your team on the tables of schools or pub toilet walls to murals marking walls outside grounds, football fans have long used graffiti to mark their territory.

Some pieces of graffiti have taken on an almost mythical status, the ‘Ordinary to Chelsea’ sprayed outside Liverpool Lime Street as locals sought revenge after a famous incident at High Street Kensington, for example has inspired a t shirt from Northern nostalgia peddlers 80’s Casuals.

Sometimes witty, sometimes threatening, often brilliantly juvenile, graffiti comes from the same strain of fan culture as flags and stickers, they celebrate victories, express disquiet and intimidate opposition in equal measure.

The Banksy and Hip Hop culture inspired pieces of Ultras groups abroad are undoubtedly impressive, but it is often the words daubed haphazardly on walls to prove a point that are the most amusing or engaging, despite their ‘I woz ‘ere’ style execution.

Whilst it is often easy to miss if you look closely football graffiti is everywhere, here is a look at some examples.

German for 'If You Go Down, We Will Beat You To Death'

By Callum West


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