Paul Weller: Pretty Green

Weller in his Style Council pomp.

Whilst previous Pretty Green ranges have failed to particularly impress, when I learnt that Paul Weller was designing his own collection for Liam Gallagher’s label it was a cause for considerable interest.

Like all people with a long term interest in men’s fashion, Weller has occasionally got it wrong,(the fur coats in the 90’s and a few questionable haircuts before and since), however when he has got it right, which he does more often than not, then he gets it’s it spot on. For many, and not just mod revivalists, Weller is a fashion icon. From the smart suits of The Jam through the casual elegance of the Style Council era, Weller has been the embodiment quintessential British style.

It was therefore a reaction of surprise and dismay then when his first Pretty Green range was released this morning. For those who had high hopes, the collection is a massive disappointment.  The Indian Shirt – available in Petrol, Navy, Black and Ivory – is described as ‘The type of shirt you would see Macca wearing in ‘67’, however, it only leaves you questioning why anyone would want to dress like Paul McCartney?

Pretty Green Indian Shirt

The Singlet – that’s a vest to you and me – and the images it evokes are even more disappointing. Who wants to think of the ‘Modfather’ in a wifebeater? The crew necked t shirts in Egyptian cotton might be ok, but the colours are bland and the sleeves a strange length, whilst the pleated summer scarves are not to my taste.

This leaves the two most wearable pieces in the range. The black wet look Jacket looks like something Liam’s brother Noel would wear, but there are far better buys jacket wise if you’ve got £175 to invest, whilst the merino wall half sleeve knitted cardigans are the most ‘mod’ looking of all the pieces and it’s not bad, however it doesn’t bowl you over either.

In his 50’s Weller was never going to be at the forefront of British menswear, I wasn’t expecting anything particular original, however I wasn’t expecting him to be designing vests either. It could have been a range of classic well cut British tailoring with simple but interesting designs, unfortunately it is an uninspiring collection, notable only for it’s lack of collars and it’s lack of colour, I wonder what Long Hot Summer era Paul Weller would make of it?

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By Callum West


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