Style Icons of the Silver Screen

Every so often the silver screen gives us characters that exude style. Whether they’re the dapper dons of a mob movie or mods on Brighton beach in a celebrated Britflick, cinema has been responsible for cementing classic looks and providing us – the discerning man – with many a style icon.  Here’s a look at some films where sartorial elegance is key.

The Talented Mr Ripley – Both Jude Law and Matt Damon look effortlessly elegant in Anthony Minghella’s film adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s 1955 novel. The film captures the 50’s prep look perfectly. Looking resplendent in button down Oxford shirts, chinos, and boat shoes, their hair perfectly parted, the stars look is as suave and sophisticated as the Venetian backdrop in which the film unfolds.

The Business – Whilst the Talented Mr Ripley is regarded by many as a modern cinema classic, the Business certainly isn’t. However, whilst the film might be nothing more than a vaguely watchable British gangster romp starring the usual suspects and whilst Danny Dyer is a bit of a berk, director Nick Love’s eye for detail ensures that it captures the sportswear – as well as the music – of the early 80’s casual era well. Velour Fila tracksuit tops, Ellesse Polo shirts, Adidas trainers and shorts straight from centre court all feature heavily.

Get Carter – A dapper gangster from London upsetting his donkey jacketed northern contemporaries in the Newcastle underworld as he seeks to avenge the death of his brother, Michael Caine is effortlessly cool as Jack Carter. Released in 1971, Caine’s portrayal of Carter epitomises the swinging London of the 60’s and early 70’s, although the less said of the Sylvester Stalone remake the better.

The Godfather: Part II – Mafioso have brought sartorial elegance to the silver screen since cinemas inception, however, Al Paccino as Michael Corleone in Francis Ford-Coppolla’s the Godfather: Part II is surely the most dapper don in it’s history.  The hair, the suits, the watch even the way he sits, Michael is style personified.

Quadrophenia – It might be an obvious choice but this film still oozes cool. Smart suits, polo shirts – top button done up – and parkas, tassel loafers, all essentials in the wardrobe of a clothes conscious male. Throw into the mix the haircuts,  the beautiful scooters and scruffy cunts having the shit kicked out of them on Brighton beach and it has to be included.

By Callum West


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