Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Whilst the recent spell of clement weather might not herald the arrival of summer it has highlighted the fact it’s just around the corner. However, whilst supping endless pints in beer gardens it’s important to maintain the same level of sartorial elegance that you would during in the winter months. Here are what I consider this summer’s wardrobe essentials.

  1. Lacoste Polo Shirt – After forming Chemise Lacoste in 1933, French Tennis player Rene Lacoste revolutionised sporting apparel  when he began to sport short sleeved two buttoned shirts emblazoned with the now signature crocodile logo on the left breast, instead of the traditional shirt and tie previously worn on court. In the 50’s they began to produce these shirts in a variety of colours marketing them as a ‘status symbol for the competent sportsman’. Over 60 years later the crocodile remains a badge of honour for fashion conscious young men. – Remember to do your top button up.
  2. Slim legged chinos – some may associate chinos with badly dressed American tourists or the adverts for Cotton Traders at the back of the TV guide, but combining a smart, well fitting pair (rolled up), with deck shoes and a brightly coloured Lacoste is a classic summer look. What the yanks or fashion magazines might call ‘preppy’.
  3. Boat Shoes – A summer wardrobe staple. The Timberland pairs seem to be de rigueur but Sperry, Sebago and Loakes are reasonable alternatives for those who seek to be away from the numbers. Whether suede, leather or canvass, worn with chinos, jeans (no socks) or shorts, boat shoes should seldom leave your feet in the summer months.   
  4. The Cricket (Cable Knit) Jumper – It might be a beautiful day but come 8 o clock when the sun goes down and you’re in the pub garden or at a barbecue you’ll be thankful of something that you can pull on to keep the chill away and I can’t think of anything better than a cricket jumper. Drape it over your shoulders during the day for that Paul Weller – Long Hot Summer look.
  5. Pastel coloured shorts – If you can’t get a bit of colour in your outfit in the summer, then when can you? Ralph Lauren have a wonderful range of pastel coloured shorts. However, if £90 for a pair shorts is a bit beyond your price range (it is mine) then Asos also have their own range at a much more reasonable £25.

By Callum West


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