Close of the ‘Transfer Window’

The sounding of the chimes of Big Ben, like the drums at the end of Eastenders, brought to an end the Sky soap opera of the final day of the transfer window, presenters, surrounded by gormless Herberts in replica shirts waving to their mums, shouted excitedly to the watching masses about amazing last minute deals – had Tottenham signed Van der Vaart or had they missed the 6 o clock deadline?

Edge of the seat stuff obviously? Well no, not particularly, aside from the tension over whether Tottenham had signed another alright attacking midfielder, for all the Sky’s bluster and fanfare, much like the majority of the window not much of any note happened.

Rumours of players being spotted at training grounds, service stations and Airports spread via the internet, the radio and text messages,  they were all almost entirely fabricated, Ryan Babel was reported on a helicopter to London, to sign for Tottenham or West Ham, and then on a train back to Liverpool tail between his legs, having signed for no one.

The new Premier League rules over home grown players only contributed to the farce, players were apparently desperate to move to have a chance of playing in the next six months, managers seemingly desperate to fill the final place in their squad or shed an excess player or two, the reality was that Sky reporters standing outside grounds around country desperate to fill a bit of air time with ‘breaking news’.

Players not moving became big stories, shockingly Santa Cruz, Given and Adebayor stayed at Manchester City, Carlton Cole didn’t leave West Ham.

At least these reporters had a story, you have to feel sorry for the Sky Sports staffers loitering outside Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford in the vague hope something might happen.

Sky like to talk about the window being slammed shut, but in reality it was pulled to with a shrug of the shoulders, at least silly season is over until Christmas.

By Callum West


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