The Coral – Butterfly House

The Coral – Butterfly House

For those of us who spent our teenage years in the first half of the last decade, this summer has taken on a nostalgic feel. With Pete, Carl, Gary and John dusting off their red tunics for Reading, a new Coral album and The Strokes playing again, we can party like it’s 2002.

However, whilst The Libertines burned brightly and quickly, The Strokes never matched ‘Is This It?’ and indie became a commodity, Razorlight, and a look you could pluck from the shelves at Topman, The Coral have bucked the trend by consistently releasing consistently good albums, despite dwindling sales and success.

In spite of the band being bereft of guitarist Bill Ryder-Jones, who left after the last album, 2007’s ‘Roots and Echoes’, ‘The Butterfly House’ continues in much the same vein, Morricone, psychedelic soundscapes and Beach Boys harmonies with an air of melancholy, dreamy summer pop.

There may not be a ‘Dreaming of You’ or an ‘In the Morning’ to lure the masses, but ‘1000 Years’ is up there with their most beautiful singles, ‘Sandhills’ sounds like a lost 60’s classic, whilst ‘Green is the Colour’ could be The Byrds.

Critics have suggested that the album lacks the mischievous charm of earlier releases, and there certainly aren’t any ’Skeleton Key’ moments on ‘The Butterfly House’, however if by losing their Beefheart-esque eccentricities, The Coral continue to craft pop songs as perfect as these then I’m not sure it matters.

By Callum West


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